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As today, innovation, manufacturing & engineering capabilities are dispersed around the globe. we are providing one stop engineering solution for our customers in term of Engineering Metal Works & Fabrications. We Provide our Optimum Strengths & Ideas for Manufacturing and Design Development to fulfill our customer Satisfactions. NNA Grows Together With You.

Our Design Study

Customer’s Original Design

  1. Complicated Milling process
  2. EDM with long machine time
  3. Difficult to get orientation of the teeth

Design in

NNA Proposal

  1. Simplify milling process
  2. No EDM process
  3. Simple Turning Process
  4. Teeth orientation guaranteed

Why Choose Us

Reduce Costs

Following DFM to create your design means the factory can quickly prepare it for production without any costly revisions.

Limited Delays

Any iterations to a design once it reaches the manufacturing phase will significantly extend the product development timeline

Improved Quality

Factories often will modify the design if it does not fit within their manufacturing processes which can lead to a low quality finished good.

Our Products

Aluminium & Zinc Casting Parts

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